Explore and connect with India’s pre & post Independence Era

NLRC welcomes you to its library – a place that lets you bask in pre and post-independence nostalgia. It is aimed at fostering India’s valuable history with a variety of resources available at its disposal.

Echoing Nehru Ji’s robust ideals and illustrious personality, the library provides an insight into the life of the nation’s gem. Along with that, many archives on none other than Mahatma Gandhi have also been preserved. Thus, the library aims at supplementing research goals and arousing interest in the Indian masses for the nation’s leaders.

With over 5000 books, this library becomes a source of immense learning opportunities for readers. This makes it suitable for historical enthusiasts, students, and even working professionals.

The Library is a haven for books on various subjects like politics, pure and applied science, social science, and the humanities. These books are juxtaposed in a meticulous manner to enable quick and easy access.

Apart from books, the library maintains an extensive collection of resources. They are of national importance, such as historical journals, manuscripts, and magazines. One can read these at their own convenience.    

The Library is situated on the second floor of a majestic 10-floored building called the AJL House in Bandra East. It is a classic amalgamation of modern architecture and technology that gives a pinch of ancient relevance to its milieu.

The Library boasts full-fledged access to technology. It is enabled by KOHA, a smart library management software, to improve the library’s accessibility for its users.

The library is centrally air-conditioned, delivering a comfortable environment to its users at all times. Its reading room is supported by cubicles, to enable academics and researchers to conduct their research. With four massive digital screens, one can browse the online catalogue available on the NLRC website and rummage through other digital resources, enhancing their reading experience and aiding them in their research goals.

What’s more, the audio-visual tools allow visitors to browse a variety of educational videos. To make it more engaging for the visitors, various activities have been added. These are – book discussions, reading sessions, meet-the-author events, and workshops for students, teachers, and library workers that make it more than just a library.

We hope that this Library will resonate with you. We’re here to support your learning, teaching, and research. Visit the Library to gain a unique experience altogether!