Embodying architectural perfection, the NLRC Auditorium makes for an ideal space for medium-sized conferences or live performances, seating as many as 65+ people while maintaining an intimate feel.

This palatial auditorium is complemented by bespoke interiors, and versatile tools & technology for hosting events. Whether it is a corporate programme, a lecture, a conference, a convention, or a clandestine meeting, the NLRC Auditorium becomes hosts’ first choice because of all its perks.

  • Fortified with a spacious stage
  • Backed by a green room
  • A 65-70 seating capacity hall
  • Equipped with a 10 x 6.5 feet LED display that can be used for presentations
  • Two projectors with a screen
  • Two TV screens of 50’’ each
  • An audio setup with two cordless microphones
  • Two collar microphones for all events
  • Parking support for five four-wheelers and 10 two-wheelers

*Additional parking available at extra charge.

The entire facility is backed by an alternate source of power (electricity), thus providing a seamless experience of the event to the hosts as well as the audience.

The auditorium shall be confined to the following purposes:

  • Lectures, conferences, conventions, forums and meetings
  • Corporate meetings/programmes

For corporate programmes, meetings, conferences, conventions, seminars, symposia, and lectures, the auditorium is available for full day (10 AM to 8 PM), half day (10 AM – 2 PM or 4 PM to 8 PM).

You are just one call away from hosting a spectacular event.

This accessible venue in the heart of Bandra can cater to your event-related requirements, from conferences to symposia.

Contact the NLRC Team to learn more about venue options.