About Us

The Nehru Library and Research Centre (NLRC) was inaugurated on November 14, 2021, by Hon. Pawan Kumar Bansal (Chairman and Managing Director of M/s. The Associated Journals Limited) and is situated at a 10-floored building, the AJL House in Bandra East. Revelling in modern architectural principles, this space renders pleasing interiors & an unparalleled visiting experience for people from all walks of life.

This centre is a consortium of 4 prominent places – the Library, Auditorium, Cafe, Art Gallery & Souvenir Shop, all aimed at providing exposure to the best facilities to the centre’s visitors. These places reflecting India’s strong roots that have withstood a plethora of challenges in its quest for independence.

With that being said, this Centre aims at becoming a community hub for folks who take pride in knowing about India’s two of the most valorous leaders – Mahatma Gandhi & Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru.

The library holds a specialised collection of 5000+ highly coveted books, catering to subjects like politics, pure and applied science, social science, humanities, etc. The distinct stacking of books facilitates easy access to the collection and provides a decent amount of reading space for readers and researchers.

The main essence of the centre is to inculcate and promote science, new social values, national integration, self-reliance, and a rational outlook on life. Its diverse activities span a broad spectrum and, in their totality, seek to “Discover India” in her developments in science, technology, art, society, and culture. One can also access manuscripts, newspapers, journals, and magazines pertaining to India’s pre & post-Indepence era.

With full-fledged access to technology, the visitors will have numerous perks in gaining infinite knowledge about India’s crucial times.

All in all, the NLRC has been established to cater well to researchers, patriots, and inquisitive intellectuals to delve and connect more with India’s cultural values.